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Getting Cheap Cable TV

Television Services
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When shopping for a television subscription, most people are looking for cheap cable TV. Thankfully, no matter where you live there should be affordable cable packages available. Learn some tricks and tips for getting cheap cable TV so you can enjoy your favorite shows without breaking the bank.

Be Aware of Unadvertised Basic Cable Packages

Did you know that the FCC requires cable providers in most areas to offer a bare bones affordable cable package? This cable is even cheaper than so-called "basic" packages and can often be had for around $10 a month. Of course, it should be mentioned that the number of channels available for these cheap subscriptions is pretty limited. However, they typically include the most popular channels. As such, they may provide you with adequate programming.

To take advantage of this cheap cable option, contact your local service provider and ask for a local access or limited basic package.

Getting Discounts on Better Cable TV Packages

If you want more channels than offered with a bare bones package, then there are still plenty of ways to get a good deal. First, do some research to learn about current advertised specials being offered by cable providers in your area. Special pricing may be advertised via television commercials, direct mail flyers or online ads. To quickly compare current special pricing, consider visiting the website of each provider.

When reviewing promotions, be sure to check the fine print to review the particulars of each ad. For example, it may be important to compare the length of the introductory rate, channels included with each package and types of premium services offered (i.e. DVR equipment or HD channels).

Negotiating Cheap Cable TV

In some cases, negotiating with a customer service representative can result in cheap cable TV. While such a tactic may not always be effective, it can't hurt to call your local provider and ask if any additional savings can be extended beyond advertised specials. Callers who are knowledgeable about competitor pricing and show patience when attempting to negotiate tend to receive additional discounts more often. If you are having trouble getting a lower price, consider showing interest in higher-tiered packages. Typically, deeper discounts can be had when opting for premium subscriptions.

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