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Getting A Cheap Auto Insurance Quote

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Nearly every auto insurer promises that it can deliver a cheap auto insurance quote. The better quest is how cheap is cheap? Most drivers are looking for a cheap auto insurance quote that will beat most other quotes from insurance companies. The way to be sure you end up with one of those quotes is to do some research before you ask for quotes.

What Leads to a Cheap Auto Insurance Quote

The right information can help a driver get a cheap auto insurance quote. Drivers who are familiar with insurance policies and the sections that can be adjusted to lower the cost have the information they need to get a cheap auto insurance quote.

  • Liability coverage. This is the series of three amounts that dictate the payment limits of a policy. The figures list the coverage amounts for a claim by an individual, claims by everyone in an accident and property damage in an accident. The lower the liability limit, the lower the cost of insurance. But be careful, because if you are at fault in an accident that injures several people, you could face personal liability once the limits of your insurance policy were exhausted.
  • Deductibles. The deductible is the amount that a driver pays out of pocket before the insurance company takes over the rest of the claim. That means the higher the deductible, the lower the cost of the insurance. The issue here is whether the driver can afford to pay a deductible of $1,000 or more, particularly if he or she is prone to auto insurance claims. If you can't afford the deductible, then you need to set it at a lower limit.
  • Eliminate coverage you already have. Some policies include towing coverage, emergency roadside coverage or both. The cost isn't high, but if you already have coverage from a motor club or credit card promotion, drop the coverage to save the money.
  • Other coverage that can be dropped. Collision and comprehensive coverage are two main elements of a car insurance policy. Collision pays for claims due to accidents and comprehensive pays for damage not connected to accidents, such as vandalism or floods. The coverage for both is discretionary, and drivers who have older vehicles that have lost most of their value may want to consider dropping one or both. If you would most likely replace your aging vehicle in the event of another accident, instead of paying the deductible and risking an increase in insurance, then you should drop both collision and comprehensive coverage.

Get More Than One Cheap Auto Insurance Quote

Now that you understand how some of your answers during auto quotes can affect the cost of the policy, the next important step is to get at least 3 to 5 insurance quotes. Of course, it's possible that the first company you get a quote from will be the cheapest. But there's no way to know unless you can compare that quote to the quotes from other insurance companies. Make sure that you provided all the same information to each of the companies so you can fairly compare the insurance quotes. Make sure the liability coverage, deductibles and other sections of the policies are identical. That way, you can be confident you have a truly cheap auto insurance quote.

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