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Cedar Shingle Roofing

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For many homeowners, the appeal of cedar shingle roofing is in the natural beauty of the wood. Although more expensive than asphalt shingles, cedar shingle roofing is less expensive and more lightweight than other natural roofing materials like clay tile or slate. Adding cedar shingle roofing can also add value to a home, since the finished look often is quite elegant.

Types of Cedar Shingle Roofing

Cedar shingle roofing is used for a more tailored look on a home. Cedar shingles are usually sawn and are bit thinner than cedar shakes. Cedar shingle roofing comes in a variety of styles, including ones with trimmed, decorative edges. These styles include: round, square, octagonal, diagonal, fish-scale, cove, arrow, diamond, and hexagonal.

Cedar roofing also goes well with many architectural styles, but especially rustic or historic homes. Cedar shingles come in different grades, depending on their quality. Heartwood cedar, from the center of the tree, is considered to be stronger and overall better quality. Number 1 Grade or Blue Label is the top grade for cedar shingles. Some homeowners like paint or stain their cedar roofing for a more dramatic color scheme. However, over time, the wood will eventually change from reddish brown to a weathered grey.

Natural Roofing Choice

Cedar shingle roofing is a natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly choice. Homeowners can choose a shingle manufacturer who uses sustainable and renewable methods of wood production. Unlike other manmade roofing materials, cedar shingles are recyclable and fully biodegradable.

Depending on the grade of cedar used and the climate conditions, cedar shingle roofing have warranties ranging from 15 to 50 years, This type of roofing is quite lightweight, but is also resistant to high winds, earthquakes and hail. Cedar shingles also help keep the home warm during winter and cool during summer.

Care and Installation

Proper installation of cedar shingle roofing is critical. Wooden roofs need open sheathing so the shingles have good air circulation and always stay dry. Rust proof nails should be used, and proper underlayments are also necessary. As far as maintenance goes, all debris should be removed from the roof to prevent any damage.

For areas prone to fire, cedar shingle roofing may not be the best roofing option. However, fire retardants are available for cedar roofing. To prevent or stop mold and mildew growth, cedar shingles need to be treated with fungicide or preservative each year, especially areas with high humidity.

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