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Cedar Roofing

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Cedar roofing is popular with consumers interested in wood roofing because of its unique appearance. In fact, many roofing manufacturers try to mimic the appearance of cedar roofing because of its distinctive look.

Proper Installation
As with any roof, itís extremely important that cedar roofing is installed correctly. This will provide maximum wind resistant and protection of your home. Plus, these roofs are also extremely tolerant of other weather conditions like hail storms.

Rainy Climates
Cedar roofing is coated with materials designed to protect the material. However, these chemicals area susceptible to water damage because they dissolve easily. So, if you live in a region that experiences intense rain conditions, the roofing material life may be shorter. If youíre working with a contractor, ask for the expectant roofing life in your specific region.

Protecting Cedar Roofing
Since cedar roofing is vulnerable to wet conditions, you will want to make sure the affected area can dry out quickly. Although you have no control in changing the forecast from rain to sun, there is something you can do. For example, cedar roofing should regularly be cleared of debris that increases moisture. This includes moss, pine needles and leaves. All of these items trap moisture which can damage your roof.

Youíll also want to prune tree branches that hang over your home. This will prevent excessive debris from falling on your home. Make sure the branches are relatively high, which allows air to circulate property.

Cedar Roofing Preservatives
Manufacturers create products designed to preserve cedar roofs. Youíll want to apply these products when your roof is very dry. These chemicals are typically applied with a spray bottle. You can also contact a professional who can get the job done quickly with a pressure washer. However, be careful if you decide to use a pressure washer on your home. The setting should be very low to prevent damage. Cedar material is very soft can be eroded easily.

Another cleaner to consider for your cedar roofing is oxygen bleach. This can be found at your local home improvement store. The powder substance is mixed with water and applied to the shakes directly. After the substance sits on the shakes for several minutes, the area will need to be scrubbed with a broom and water.

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