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What Are Catering Services?


When it comes to hosting a special event for a group of guests, catering services are an invaluable resource, as they bring a wide variety of delicious foods to your event, serve it to your guests, and ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. There are several types of catering services, most of which differ based on the formality of the events for which they can provide food, and it can be helpful to know some information about the different types of catering services when determining which one is best for your specific needs.

Types of Catering Services

Mobile catering services are the most casual type of catering you can offer to your group of guests. Most mobile caterers work out of a cart, van, or stand in a corporate building and provide casual foods such as prepackaged baked goods, sandwiches, fruit, and salads. Mobile catering services are usually perfect for informal luncheons or corporate meetings when you are unable to leave the office, as well as for other casual gatherings that do not require gourmet foods. When hiring mobile catering services for your special event, you should match the type of caterer with your guests’ food preferences.

Restaurant or Hotel Catering Services

The second type of catering services involves a caterer who works at a restaurant or hotel and acts as a liaison between clients and the restaurant’s or hotel’s culinary staff to ensure your guests have the best possible experience at your event. One of the benefits of hiring a restaurant or hotel caterer for your special event is that restaurant or hotel catering services can provide a more formal dining experience for your guests than mobile catering services can, as they have access to more formal accommodations and a wider variety of foods.

Traditional Catering Services

Traditional catering services are probably the most common type of catering services, as these caterers typically own their own businesses and bring food, plates, silverware, and any other items for your special event to the location of your event. Traditional catering services are usually most appropriate for banquets, award ceremonies, and other events that warrant a more formal dining setting. There are many different types of traditional catering services depending on the types of foods you want to provide for your guests.

Choosing the best catering services for your specific needs can be somewhat frustrating, especially if you are unsure of your guests’ preferences or how formal you want to make the event. For assistance in choosing the best catering services for your specific needs, it can be helpful to contact a professional catering company and event planner.

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