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Carpenter Bees

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Carpenter bees can be found around the world with over 500 different species. In the United States there are only two species of carpenter bees and they are large, black bees, often mistaken for bumblebees. Carpenter bees are essential in the pollination of flowers that are open faced; like the Maypop flower.

Carpenter bees donít eat wood, but these insects got their name because they build nests in dead wood which can be an issue for homeowners. Homes that have old or chipping paint are the most vulnerable with prime nesting conditions.

Trap Carpenter Bees
A simple way to get rid of carpenter bees is trapping them in their nest. You can use caulking to block the bee nest entrance. This effectively traps the bees and eliminates your problem. Just make sure to get rid of the nest once the bees are eliminated and seal off any exposed wood.

Use a Vacuum
This strategy is only effective for a relatively small colony. If the colony contains more than 20 carpenter bees, this method probably wonít be effective. This is best done using a heavy duty vacuum with the hose extension held up to the opening of the hive. In the evening, carpenter bees move slower so it is safer to disturb the nest at that time which will cause the bees to flee outside and into the vacuum hose. Since male carpenter bees canít sting and female carpenter bees rarely sting, this method is not dangerous. However, donít attempt this method with stinging insects!

Use a Bee Control Product
Companies make a variety of products designed specifically to eliminate carpenter bees. These are typically sprays that are applied directly to the nest. When applying the product, wait until late in the evening when all of the bees have returned. Then spray the product inside of the nest a few times. Donít be concerned when bees start flying out of the nest; this is normal and the product will still be effective.

Prevent Future Issues
Protect your house from further damage by having it painted regularly. Once paint goes bad on wood siding, carpenter bees can easily create a nest in the area. You can also opt for vinyl siding which will prevent nesting altogether.

Get Professional Help for Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are capable of causing massive damage to your home. If you have a large colony established or arenít experiencing success getting rid of these pests, call a professional. They have the equipment and experience to eliminate carpenter bees.

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