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Ideas for Car Scratch Removal

Auto Repair
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Everyone wants to keep his car looking like new for as long as possible. Unfortunately, things like wayward shopping carts and other parking lot hazards or brushing against low tree branches can cause minor damage to your car’s paint. When these things occur and damage your paint job you have a few choices.

  • Do nothing and let your car look less than its best;
  • Pay several hundred dollars for a new paint job;
  • Or use a car scratch removal product to handle the problem quickly and easily.

Really deep scratches that penetrate down to the car’s primer or metal will probably need to be repainted. Touch-up paint from an auto parts retailer may work in some cases. For these you will need to get the exact color match for your vehicle. A 2006 Honda Accord will have a very specific color shade, more specific than just red or silver. An associate at an auto parts retailer can often either help you find the exact color for your vehicle or direct you to a place that can. Most times, however, these deep scratches will require professional paint works to repair.

Lighter scratches, scuffs and swirl marks can usually be repaired with an inexpensive scratch removal cream or scratch removal polish. These are easy to use and usually cost between $10-20. Using these car scratch removal products usually involves washing the scratched area, rubbing on the cream or polish and buffing out the scratch. In 15 minutes, you can remove any minor scratches from your car.

After using a car scratch removal product, it is a good idea to apply a good coat of wax. The wax will add a protective layer to the affected area and help prevent further damage or oxidation.

While car scratch removal products can definitely help your car’s appearance, they do have limitations. But in most circumstances, an inexpensive tube or bottle of scratch removal liquid is a better option than spending a few hundred dollars at a paint and body repair specialist. These products won’t completely fix the scratches, but they will make them much less conspicuous.

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