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Car Repair Estimate

Auto Repair
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Some services at a local garage or a car dealer service center, oil changes or brake inspections for example, have a fixed price. For most repair services the price depends on the amount labor required to make the needed repairs as well as the cost of any parts needed for the repair. In these cases the mechanic will provide you with a car repair estimate to give you a good idea of what the total cost will be.

Labor charges

Labor is going to be the most expensive part of a car repair. Labor charges generally start around $60 per hour and can range over $100 per hour in some cases. Garages and car dealer service centers generally know how long a particular problem will take to repair, so it is easy to account for in the car repair estimate. Labor charges may seem high, but mechanics must undergo a great deal of highly specialized training to perform the work they do and to earn and maintain an ASE (automotive service excellence) certification.


One of the benefits of going to a car dealer service center for auto repairs is that they have access to factory original parts at a lower cost than other garages. Local garages can often get wholesale parts from local auto part stores, but the mark-up for you is pretty substantial. A car dealer service center gets parts from the manufacturer and often will not charge more than the cost of the part.

Sometimes during a repair the mechanic will find that the issue with your vehicle is different than what he originally thought. The mechanic should amend the original car repair estimate to reflect the additional parts and labor for the new repair. The mechanic should also not perform any work not on the original estimate without your permission. After the work is completed, check your invoice to make sure you were only billed for work performed.

Car repairs are a hassle and can be quite expensive. Getting an unexpected huge bill after having all the work done can make the experience even worse. With a car repair estimate you will know in advance what your expenses will be and be notified of any changes.

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