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How To Fix Car Paint Scratches

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Car paint scratches are quite the annoyance for several reasons: They make your car look bad; they seriously reduce your car’s trade-in or resale value; and they can lead to serious damage from oxidation and rust. There are several options available to you to fix your car paint scratches, including touch-up paints, scratch removal polishes and waxes and a professional paint and body center. Just make sure to treat the scratch one way or another to prevent rusting.

Scratch removal waxes and polishes

For the lightest scratches, a scratch removal wax or scratch removal polish are sufficient to remove car paint scratches. These products will fill in scratches. They work with any color paint, so you don’t have to worry about matching your car’s color.

Touch-up paint

Use a color-match touch-up paint or paint fill for car scratches that are deeper and more visible than light scratches but still not all the way to the metal panel. All you have to do is use either the tip of the paint tube or a medical syringe for smaller scratches to fill in the scratch. Using this type of paint scratch repair product will require you to match your car color. Keep in mind that different auto companies use different color shades, so a blue Chevy won’t be exactly the same as a blue Toyota.

Auto body repair center

For severe car paint scratches you may need to use the services of an auto body repair shop to repair your paint damage. If, for example, a metal shopping cart grazed the side of your car and left a series of long scratches, you would probably need a professional to repair the damage. For this, a certified technician will have to strip the affected panel, prime it and paint it. This will obviously be more expensive than any do-it-yourself scratch removal process, but the difference in quality of a large repair will be significant.

Regardless of how severe your car paint scratch is, there is a way to restore your car to its original condition. This is important, not just to protect the value and appearance of your car, but also to protect your car from severe damage from rust.

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