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Problems with Your Car Locks?

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We tend to take our car locks for granted, that is until something goes wrong. Lockouts, broken keys stuck in the lock or even frozen locks are all common problems. In most cases they are an easy fix, though some may require the help of a locksmith.

If you’re heading off for work on a chilly winter morning and find you can’t open your car door, the locks are most likely frozen. Moisture can seep into the locks and freeze. This is one problem you can often handle yourself. Start by trying another door. It’s very possible that not all the car locks will freeze. Keep a can of lock de-icer handy and spray it into the lock. You can also use a lighter or match to heat up the key and it should be enough to thaw out a frozen lock.

Breaking a key off in the lock is a more difficult problem. There’s a lot of advice on the Internet telling you how you can extract a broken key from a lock, but unless you want some rather strange objects sticking out of your car door locks when you finally have to give in and call a locksmith, you’d better leave a broken key to the professionals. Plus if you get things like saw blades or dental picks stuck in the lock, the locksmith might have to charge you more to remove them.

The same applies to vehicle lock outs. It’s easy to lock yourself out of your car and you can literally spend hours trying to fish open the door lock with a coat hanger or you can call the locksmith and get into your vehicle within minutes. If you have a car with some of the newer locks it may be impossible for you to get the door open with a coat hanger.

Keep in mind that if you have problems with your car locks and do need to call a locksmith, the cost may be covered by your auto insurance policy. So why risk doing damage to your vehicle? Save yourself the time and aggravation and call a locksmith.

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