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Car Insurance for Teenagers

Car Insurance
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As any parent knows, car insurance for teenagers can make the family's insurance premiums shoot through the roof. While there are ways to save on policy premiums if you have a teen driver, the bottom line is that car insurance for teenagers does cost more. Several factors contribute to the cost of insuring a young driver, notably their lack of driving experience and historical evidence that they may not be as responsible as an adult.

Ways to Lower the Cost of Car Insurance for Teenagers

Teens are involved in a higher number of car accidents with fatal or critical injuries. This statistic translates into higher rates for teenagers. However, there are certain considerations that can affect the overall cost of insuring your teen.

Type of Car and Car Insurance Costs

One of the ways to control the cost is to make sure the car the teen will be driving is not a sports car. Although many teens want to drive a fast, sporty car, the cost of insuring them can be prohibitive. Keep in mind that the higher the horsepower rating is, the more the insurance premium will be. You should also choose a vehicle that does not have a high theft rate to help keep premiums low.

Older, heavier cars are not as easy to drive recklessly and therefore are safer and less expensive to insure. For an older car that is paid in full, you also have the option of dropping collision and comprehensive insurance and carrying only liability insurance. This can help to reduce your rate. Furthermore, with older cars, the blue book value is lower, which also reduces the cost of insurance.

Driving History and Car Insurance Costs

Most insurance companies offer substantial discounts for a good driving record. Make sure your teen drives carefully. Avoid insurance claims for minor damage such as bent fenders and encourage your teenager to observe driving rules so as to avoid traffic tickets. Both insurance claims and traffic tickets can make car insurance for teenagers even more expensive.

Drivers Education and Insurance Premiums

Driver's education can also contribute to lowering insurance costs for teens. Some states require driver’s education before a teen can get a license. If a teenager does well in a driver’s education course, some insurance companies may lower the premiums. If your county or state does not require mandatory driver’s education, find a class for the teenager to attend. Your local high school or community college may offer driver’s education classes, or you can contact the motor vehicle department to find out if they can give you a list of places that offer courses.

Good Student Discounts and Car Insurance For Teens

If your teenager has good grades or is on the honor roll, insurance companies will often give you a break on premiums. Teenagers who do well academically tend to be considered more responsible than other teenagers, and will be rewarded with lower rate on their premiums.

Teens and Car Insurance

Make sure your teenager understands that he is starting out with a perfectly clean driving record. If his record stays perfect, insurance rates will come down over time. In fact, some insurance companies reduce rates each year that your teenager does not have an accident or get a ticket.

Always compare rates and policies before purchasing insurance. Your current insurance policy may be better for you, but may not have the best rates for your teenager. Check around for joint and individual policies as you may find it more affordable to buy care insurance for teenagers on a separate policy.

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