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Car Brake Repair Service Tips

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Sticking to a dedicated car brake repair maintenance program can help maximize the safety of your vehicle and minimize the potential for expensive repairs in the future. Keep your brakes in top working order with these car brake repair service tips:

Car Brake Maintenance Schedule

Everyday, your vehicle's brakes are placed under tremendous amounts of heat and friction. Not surprisingly, this can degrade the components of a brake system overtime. While different brake parts may require different schedules for maintenance, it is generally recommended that you have your entire brake system inspected once a year. Additionally, a car's brake fluid generally needs to be replaced after 30,000 miles (or approximately once every two years).

In general, such a maintenance program will help identify issues early enough to avoid major problems. However, if squeaking noises or other warning signs indicate that there is a problem with the brakes, then you should have your vehicle inspected immediately.

Identifying Car Brake Problems

Beyond routine servicing, a number of ailments may require you to take you vehicle to the auto shop for servicing. For example, squeaking brakes may be a sign that your brake pads have worn out and need to be replaced. Or, perhaps brake dust has built up on the pads and needs to be cleaned. Buildup of grease or oil on braking components may also cause brakes to stick or provide uneven deceleration. If such is the case, the simple use of a degreaser may be enough to fix the problem.

Brake fluid leaks are also fairly common. This type of brake problem can be identified by looking for pools of brake fluid that have formed under your car after being parked for some time. Other common brake problems include warped rotors and loose wheel bearings.

Choosing a Car Brake Mechanic

Taking the time to search out a quality brake mechanic will ensure quality servicing at a fair price. A good way to start a search for a mechanic is by asking friends and family for recommendations. For further insight, you may also consider reading online reviews of local brake shops or reviewing previous complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau. Other signs of quality car brake repair include up front pricing and ASE certification.

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