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Campus Safety Ideas

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As living on campus puts you in a new environment, staying safe and in good health is very important. Whether you are in your dorm room or out with friends, here are some ideas to consider to make sure you are safe on campus.

Staying safe in living areas

Take precautions when walking around your dormitory. Remember that there are others who live there as well, and that you all use the same toilets and showers. Before using the showers, invest in a pair of rubber flip flops to wear to the shower. Wear them in your shower stall and back to your dorm room to keep the germs on the floor and in the shower stall from getting on your feet. When using the toilets, take advantage of the toilet seat covers that hang over or beside a toilet seat to protect yourself from the germs that lurk in and around the toilet. In the absence of these toilet seat covers, feel free to use tissue instead to cover the toilet seats.

Lock your doors when you leave your dorm room, and especially at night before you go to bed.

Staying safe outside your living areas

When walking around campus, whether you are going to class or to the dining hall, it is important to pay close attention to your surroundings. Its especially important to travel in pacts with your roommate(s) or friends at night, wherever you are going on campus. Travel on well-lit paths at night.

In college, parties are inevitable and will be filled with up to half the students of your college campus sometimes. Going to parties with your roommate or friends will help to maintain your safety at these events. Another great idea would be to limit your alcohol intake. In the event that you do have a drink, be sure to keep an eye on your cup or glass to keep others from accessing it. If you, whether by yourself or with others, have suspicions that someone is following you or are out to harm you, do not hesitate to call 911.

Remember that being careful of your surroundings and taking responsibility for your safety and health are important to an enjoyable and comfortable college life on campus.

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