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Bouquet Ideas for Calla Lilies

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There is no shortage of bouquet ideas for calla lilies. Their simple shape, strong stems and longevity make them an excellent choice for tribute bouquets, bridal flowers and casual arrangements for all occasions. When you plan on investing in callas, there are a few things to consider.

Bouquet Ideas for Calla Lilies - Tips and Tricks

  • Callas come in standard and mini varieties. Where standard blooms can reach five inches, minis will top out at two or three. Standard calla lilies are limited to white and shades of cream with a green undertone. When using them, plan on providing a variety of greenery for contrast.
  • Calla lilies are well made for display in tall vases and arm bouquets that show long, strong stems to advantage. Be careful, though; callas are often priced on the length of their stems, so know the application before you buy.
  • When arranging callas, make sure to cut the bottoms under water to insure good water uptake. Callas are thirsty flowers that will droop quickly without constant access to clean, tepid water. If you do detect a flower head drooping, remove and re-cut it, this time taking off a quarter of an inch or so.
  • Change the water in calla arrangements daily. For the best results, use tepid, distilled water.
  • Plan on using twenty to thirty standard calla lilies in a medium sized arrangement and forty or more in a centerpiece.
  • Bridal bouquets can use as many as forty or more minis, with bridesmaid's bouquets using twenty to thirty.
  • Because they have a strong vertical habit, callas show well displayed alone in tall containers, or with other more elaborate flowers, like roses, in standard vases. When blending callas with other flower varieties, make sure to elevate the callas slightly.
  • If you want to showcase the callas, elevate them two to three inches above ferns and other greenery. In these types of minimalist arrangements, fifteen to eighteen standard callas are plenty.
  • Purchase calla lilies at least a day ahead to give them time to open and acclimate to their surroundings.
  • If you're having trouble keeping calla blooms in place in your arrangement, create a grid across the top of the vase with adhesive floral tape. This will hold the flowers and become invisible once the greenery is in place.
  • Never put fresh callas in your refrigerator for temporary storage.
  • To create a dramatic display, use a crystal vase to house standard white calla lilies, dark red roses and baby's breath.

The bouquet ideas for calla lilies are almost limitless. How about callas with tulips or Gerbera daisies? Use your imagination. Callas are so simply structured that they work well with almost anything when added to the right container. Your florist will have additional recommendations for other ways to get the most from your calla lilies.

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