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What is a Cable TV Filter?

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If you have been told that there is a cable tv filter in place, then it may because someone in your area has been stealing cable services in the past. A cable tv filter is more or less a security feature instituted by cable companies. The filter blocks non-paying people from tapping in and getting free cable services.

How a Cable TV Filter Works

A cable tv filter is placed on the exterior of a home or on a telephone pole in order to prevent theft of services. At first glance you would think that the filter is no more than a metal cylinder, but it is not.

A filter works by altering that bandwidth that the cable company transmits to a particular home. Then, when a system is hacked into, the hacked system receives a signal that is masked so that they cannot access the cable television for free.

At times, however, problems can occur because the cable tv filter can block unauthorized use and simultaneously block premium cable channels that are paid for. In this instance, you will need to contact the cable company directly and let them know that you aren't getting the channels and service you have subscribed to.

Cable tv filters can also be used by individuals to block certain channels that you do not want. If this is something you are interested in to protect your children and limit their viewing for example, either you can install a cable tv filter or the cable company can install it for you.

A cable tv filter can also be used to protect you from unauthorized access to the Internet. With the advent of cable internet access, cable theft is on the rise. More and more people are opting to have a cable tv filter put on in order to prevent others from accessing their broadband services. Nowadays you can purchase your own cable tv filter. You can buy them over the internet or you can go to your nearest computer store and pick one up.

Your cable company can also be very helpful when it comes to installing a cable TV filter. More than likely, if you ask them to, they will come out and install the cable TV filter that you need to either limit channels from coming into your home or to limit those outside of your home from taking advantage of the cable television or cable internet services that you have paid for.

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