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Lowering Your Cable Television Cost

Television Services
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Cable television costs have risen over the last ten or so years. As media channels continue to raise costs for cable companies who want to have access to their channels, the cable companies continue to pass on this cost to the consumer. The rising costs have been a major reason why many consumers have decided to either access cable television service illegally or eliminate their cable television service in its entirety. However, the benefits of cable television cannot be ignored and instead of taking these routes, consumers should search for ways to reduce the costs of their cable television service.

Ways to Reduce the Cost of Cable Service

What many consumers fail to realize is that the cost of cable television service can be reduced. There are a number of different ways that the costs can be eliminated. Some of these ways include the following:

  • Take the time to research the habits of your viewing: The average consumer only watches about 140 hours of television in one month. This means that if you have one of the priciest packages offered, you can probably reduce your costs by simply going with a reduced price package.
  • Access the Internet: Many of the shows that are shown on television can be accessed on the Internet. This means that you can reduce costs by eliminating you access to certain channels that you do not need. Simply go with a lower package that is not as costly and watch your favorite shows online.
  • Call the Cable Company: You, the consumer, can call the cable company and simply ask for a better deal or you can be clever and get the cable company to offer you a better deal. Call the cable company and tell them you would like to cancel your service. Most likely they will ask you why and if you say because of the cost to access the service, the cable company will offer you a better deal. This is because they want you, at all costs, to remain a customer. If you leave the company it means less money for them and customer service representatives operate on incentives offered by the company to keep you as a customer. Knowing the right things to say to the representative while on the phone is key for this option to work at reducing your cable cost. If you are successful, they may offer you a reduced price plan that is only available to otherwise new customers or discounted costs or free access to premium channels
  • Contact the Cable Provider: Again this strategy involves calling the cable company directly. However, instead of telling them you want to eliminate the service because of costs, tell them you are considering going with a satellite competitor. This will often prompt representatives to offer the same options as stated in the point above. Their goal is to keep you as a customer rather than to encourage you and accept the fact you will leave the company for a competitor.

Of course there are many other available options for the consumer to reduce the price of cable television cost, so just research your options and you'll be enjoying great programming at a lower cost than you imagined.

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