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What to Do When Your Cable Television Goes Out

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While cable television service is generally a reliable and great way to get your programming, from time to time odds are that your cable service provider will experience technical difficulties or severe weather will interfere and disrupt the cable service customers have to come to expect. When this occurs, there are a couple of steps that you, as the consumer, can do to ensure the cable company is aware of the situation and restores your cable service to your television in a timely manner.

What to do When Your Cable Television Goes Out

Depending on the reason for the cable outage, there are a number of steps that you can take to restore your cable service in a timely fashion. Of course, if your cable outage is due to weather, most likely your cable will be restored as soon as possible and as soon as the weather clears. If your cable service has been interrupted for any other reason, the steps you should take to restore your cable service are as follows:

  • Check Your Home Cable Connections for Obvious Problems: Check all the connections at the converter box, the back of your television, and the connection to your VCR or DVD player if your cable service runs through either device. Make sure they are all tight and in the proper spots.
  • Check to Ensure Your Television is on the Right Channel: Often your cable is received through a certain channel on your television based on the signal. Check to ensure that the television is on the right station. If your cable service is routed through another device such as a VCR or DVD player or some other type of device, ensure that this device is on the right channel as well.
  • Check With Your Neighbors: Once you have checked the obvious connections in your home and ensured the television or another device is on the right channel and your cable is still out, you may want to check with your neighbors to see if their cable is out as well. If their cable is out as well, odds are the cable company is experiencing some kind of difficulty. Wait a bit to see if your cable service is restored, if not then continue to the next step.
  • Contact Your Cable Company: If the cable company has not restored the service after some time or if you are the only one without service, you should probably contact your cable service provider. Inform them of the outage and inform them of the steps that you have taken to troubleshoot the problem yourself. The cable company will probably walk you through some additional steps to attempt to troubleshoot the outage and restore service. If all troubleshooting techniques fail, the cable company will most likely schedule an appointment for a service technician to come out in order to restore the service.

Keep in mind that if a service call is necessary in order to restore your service, this will not likely happen right away. These are the steps you should take when your cable television goes out to restore service.

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