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How to Get a Good Cable Deal

Television Services
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For new TV customers, it's fairly easy to get a cable deal. This is because most cable companies routinely offer incentives to try and get new customers to sign up for subscriptions. Of course, it is also possible to negotiate a better deal on current subscriptions. Learn how to get a good cable deal so you can save money on your television package.

Find Advertised Cable Deals

The first step in scoring great cable discounts is to look around for advertised specials. These special promotions may be advertised in a variety of ways, including TV commercials, direct mail flyers and online ads. To easily find current cable deals, consider visiting the website of cable providers in your area. Here, you are likely to find online pricing that isn't advertised anywhere else.

In terms of what types of deals you can expect, promotions tend to include some combination of monetary and service discount. For example, you may be able to find a percentage discount on monthly billing, as well as free DVR equipment or HD programming. If you need additional home services such as Internet and phone service, then a bundled package may offer the largest amount of overall savings.

Negotiate Better Cable Deals

It's important to note that additional savings can be earned beyond advertised deals. These added savings typically come through negotiations with a customer service representative. While such additional savings may not always be available, a shrewd shopper can often talk his or her way into a lower monthly price.

When attempting to negotiate, consider having competitor pricing materials on hand for reference. Also, keep in mind that cable companies tend to offer better discounts on higher-tiered subscription packages.

Re-Negotiating a Cable Deal

Introductory offers tend to expire after six months or a year. As such, it may be necessary to contact your provider to re-negotiate your monthly bill. If such is the case, gather pricing info from competitors. Sometimes, the mere thought of losing a customer is enough to get the provider to extend your previous cable deal. After all, if your current provider isn't willing to fight for your business, there's probably a competing company that will.

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