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What is the Best Cabinet Lock?

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There are many different types of cabinet lock. All are suitable for different purposes. You may need locks to keep your young children from harmful chemicals or you many need a lock to protect private documents. Whatever you are protecting, here’s a rundown on the kinds of lock you may need.

Pin tumbler locksThe pin tumbler lock that is in use today dates back to ancient Egypt. The pin tumbler is usually used these days in cylinder locks. This type of lock is made of a cylindrical hole in an outer casing. There is a plug inside the hole which must rotate in order to open the lock. There is a slot or keyway cut into the plug to allow the key entry. The other end of the plug has a cam which activates a locking bolt. There are usually five or six hole in the plug which contain key pines. The key pins are spring loaded and conform to the cut of the key allowing the plug to rotate as the key is turned.

Plunger locksThe plunger or push locks are suitable for glass or metal framed doors. This type of lock is small and has a removable barrel that fits into a hollow core. A key is used to unlock and remove the core, allowing the door to be opened. The system is lock by simply pressing the barrel back into the assembly core.

Disc tumbler locksThe disc tumbler lock was invented in 109 by Emil Henriksson. This type of lock is great if you want maximum security because it is very hard to pick. The lock is made of slotted, rotating discs. The unique key rotates the discs until they align with the slot allowing the sidebar to fall and opening the lock.

Ratchet showcase locksThis is another type of lock suitable for glass showcases such as are found in retail or museums. They function by having a long ratchet sliding through a bolt which is operated with a key. Ratchet locks may or may not have combinations for extra security. Some combination ratchet locks are keyless.

Cam locksThis type of lock is great for securing wooden cabinets. This is a simple lock and one of the most popular varieties. It operates by means of a flat or tubular key which pushes the cam or lever into the lock.

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