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Do You Need to Buy Recycling Bins for your Service?

Garbage and Recycling
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When you move to a new community or your community contracts a new waste management company, you may be required to buy recycling bins or containers specifically designed to contain your recyclable waste for collection by your recycling company. These bins may be required so your waste management company can perform its recyclable material collection properly. Before you simply go to the store and buy recycling bins, however, you need to make sure that you are within any possible guidelines set by either your community leaders or that have been written into the contract between your local government and the waste management company serving your area.

Do You Need to Buy Recycling Bins?

In most cases, when a contract is drawn up between a community and a waste management company, one of the conditions within that contract is often that the company requires each household use their specified recycling or refuse bins and containers. In such cases, usually the contract also states that the waste management service provider must provide each household one bin that is free of charge. Any number of bins beyond the first one that is required by the waste management company must be purchased by either the homeowner or the tenant of the property, but the first one should usually be provided without cost. This is not always the case, but typically this is the method of preference for most trash collection agencies.

Sometimes if the management company doesn’t place a requirement on the size, color, or style of the recyclable materials bin, the local government will. Some communities mandate that the bin be purchased from an outlet chosen by the local government, so that everyone has the same bin. This is part of efforts to prevent any mistaken trash collections being made by either households in the community or by the collectors operating the collection equipment. This can eliminate the occurrence of trash being thrown into a recycling truck, or vise versa, and is especially effective in communities where both trash and recyclables are collected on the same day.

In any case, as a general rule you should purchase a recycling bin that is in no way similar to your trash can in order to avoid any confusion. Whether your community mandates certain aspects of your recycling habits or not, you should always be responsible for the separation and correct distinction between your trash and your recyclable materials. Your recyclable materials bin should also be of a size that you can lift or move easily when the bins are full, and, for all relative purposes, your recycling bin itself should be made out of recycled or recyclable material.

If you have any questions regarding the requirements of your community’s recycling program or whether you need to buy recycling bins, you can either contact your local government or the company contracted to collect refuse in your area to make sure you stay within any possible guidelines to avoid a possible citation.

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