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Buy Cardboard Boxes

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Simple cardboard boxes are probably the most important items to have for a move. Almost everything you own, other than large furniture and appliances, will end up in cardboard boxes during your move. Since boxes are so important to your move, knowing where to buy cardboard boxes and, more importantly, how to buy cardboard boxes, is essential.

Where to buy cardboard boxes

You can buy cardboard boxes at any packing and shipping store. They will also carry other items you will need for packing, such as tape, labels, packing paper and bubble wrap. Smaller stores will carry all the basic items you will need for a simple move, such as into a dorm or 1-bedroom apartment. Larger places will offer a greater variety of sizes of boxes, good for people moving into a house or who have accumulated a lot of possessions.

How to buy cardboard boxes

Moving in general can be expensive, so making sure you buy the right number of cardboard boxes can help minimize your expenses. Many packing and shipping centers will have an estimator to help you determine the appropriate number of cardboard boxes to buy, as well as the right sizes.

You can buy cardboard boxes in three standard sizes, but boxes are available in dozens of sizes. The standard sizes are medium (18x14x12), large (20x20x15) and extra large (23x23x16). These boxes are designed to be easy to carry without getting too heavy. They are also designed to fit together well on a moving truck, making them less likely to shift or tumble during transport.

In addition to the standard boxes, countless specialty boxes are available as well. Many large packing and shipping retailers will have cardboard boxes available for computers, flat-screen televisions, hanging clothing, sensitive electronics, framed photos and works of art and more. Cardboard boxes also come in standard single corrugated or double corrugated for very heavy items, such as weights and dumbbells.

Regardless of whether you are moving across town or across the country, you will need to buy cardboard boxes for your move. Buying the right number and type of boxes can help save money and make your move go smoothly. Some places will even buy your cardboard boxes back from you after you unpack.

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