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Business Social Networking Tips

Social Networking

Business social networking on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, is really taking off. Businesses large and small are discovering the advantages of building a loyal following, communicating with them, and seeing their businesses grow and flourish as a result. There are some ways to make marketing at these sites more effective. They include:

  • Building relationships – in the past, businesses were most often concerned with selling a product or service and getting the customer out the door so they could deal with the next sale. Today, businesses, especially those using business social networking, recognize that it's much more important to build ongoing relationships with their customers, because that will build loyalty and keep them returning time after time to the business.
  • Share your personality – don't be afraid to let your personality and friendliness out when you use business social networking. It's all about being open, honest, and even entertaining. People want to know who they're dealing with, a little about the company, and how knowledgeable you are in your products and services. They don't want the hard sell; they just want information and a place where they can learn more. Even large corporations who use social networking sites have proved they can be more casual, caring, and humorous to gain a bigger fan following.
  • Act immediately – if a customer voices a question or concern on your social networking site, address it ASAP. If other customers see you don't respond, it can turn them away from your business to one that responds more effectively. Internet users want instant communication, which is why they're on these sites in the first place, so you need to react quickly to any requests or concerns.
  • Ditch the big campaigns – smaller, less costly ad campaigns are the norm for social networking sites. You don't have to spend millions to take your marketing campaign global; instead, you can quite effectively target your market online and then develop ads directly for that market. Assess your followers and their demographics, and then design campaigns directly to their needs and wants.
  • Target your followers – in the same vein, assess how well your social media campaigns are doing by offering special discounts or coupons to your fans and followers. That way, you'll have a concrete idea of who you're reaching and your advertising's effect on their buying habits.
  • Post often – make sure you offer new information, products, or just a helpful post at least daily. People on social networking sites want instant information, and if you wait too long between posts, you'll lose their interest and their business.

Go to some of the business social networking sites and see how other businesses, both big and small, are marketing their wares. You may be surprised at how many fans they are collecting, and the comments they get. Use this information to build your own marketing campaign online, and to market your business much more effectively in the future.

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