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Business Security Systems Use Advanced Components

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For any business owner, maintaining profit levels is paramount. One way to ensure this is to implement a security system. Business security systems are an integral part of business and employee safety and it is necessary for them to employ advanced components that you may not otherwise see in residential security systems.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance as it applies to business security does not mean recording only entry/exit points when the equipment detects movement. It refers to high-quality, full-color, digitally recorded video of the entire premises that is stored at another location. Security companies can achieve this through modern cameras, extensive cabling, and the appropriate server storage space and communications infrastructure. Video surveillance not only deters theft, vandalism, and shoplifting, but it helps to identify those who perpetrate such acts. Additionally, video surveillance may reduce fraudulent liability claims, which can potentially wreak havoc on a business’ profit margin.

Electronic Access

Business security systems are not solely for protecting a business during the off-hours, it also refers to securing access to the building(s) during work hours. The equipment manages this through controlling the level of access that both customers and employees have to various areas of your facility. Electronic entry management controls this, using key cards and magnetic locks to restrict access to sensitive areas, which reduces liability. This is a cost-saving measure as well, since it prevents costly re-keying and lock changes. Restricting access to specific areas not only protects valuable assets, but your employees as well.

In addition to asset control, electronic access can also assist in the event of a theft or other unwelcome event, since most systems can track where people are at what time, based on the locations and times of card swipes.

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion detection is the cornerstone of any off-hours protection. In addition to lowering insurance premiums, protecting your business from unauthorized entry is a surefire way to ensure that you do not incur unnecessary costs. Detection systems specifically designed for businesses can monitor more areas (generally 32 areas as opposed to the residential standard of eight), have greater protection against power loss (by using battery or generator backups). In addition, any business with security decals on the windows and doors makes prospective burglaars think twice about forced entry.

Ensuring employee and asset security is critical to the success of your business. Business security systems use some specialized components not used in residential systems, which are critical for the continued safety of your business. Consulting with an experienced business security professional before implementing a security solution is an excellent idea, as you may have a unique security situation that needs specific equipment.

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