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Where to Find a Free Bridal Planner

Wedding Planning

A wedding planner can help you to organize and plan all aspects of your wedding from the ceremony all the way through the honeymoon. If you are a bride on a budget, or you are looking for extra planning ideas and helpful wedding planning tools, check for free bridal planner offers through these resources.

Online Wedding Websites

Many online wedding websites offer free bridal planner programs through their website. In most instances, you can download the planner and use it directly off your computer, access a stored free planner through a user name and password or you can print out the planner pages and place them in your own personal wedding planning binder.

Wedding Planning Events

Local wedding planning events may give you free goodies, including a bridal planner, just for attending. Many of these events are sponsored by professional wedding vendors, wedding venue businesses and professional wedding coordinators. Keep an eye out for events which may be held near you; announcements may be found through bridal magazines, newspapers and Internet advertisements.

Wedding Planning Magazines

Wedding planning magazines may contain a sample bridal planner within their contents, or you may find free wedding planners which may be available by mail if you send in a request. Look for bridal magazines which advertise a wedding planner or look in the back of the magazines for any posts regarding free planners.

Free Internet Offers

You may find free wedding planners just for brides available through Internet offers. Typically, many of these offers are through websites which specialize in wedding planning software but you may also find free wedding planners through sites that are not affiliated with wedding products. Just be sure the site is legit before you provide any personal information for a free planner.

Local Professional Wedding Businesses

Businesses in your area which provide wedding services – such as professional coordinators, wedding vendors, wedding attire boutiques and wedding invitation shops – may offer a free bridal planner with their services. Check an online wedding directory to find professional wedding businesses in your area which you may want to use for your wedding, and when you visit them in person keep an eye out for any advertisements for free planners.

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