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Don't Underestimate Breakfast

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Studies show that breakfast is a vastly understood meal. As many as 25 percent of all people skip breakfast on a regular basis, which suggests that the many benefits of breakfast are not as widely known as they should be. A good breakfast - not just eating anything in the morning - is crucial for a number of reasons. Particularly with so many restaurants serving breakfast, there's no reason to miss this vital meal.

Benefits of Breakfast

  • Start your body's metabolism. Eating breakfast is actually the way to start the body's metabolism, which is the process of burning calories. A good breakfast provides fuel for the body and starts up the process of the body burning calories to operate during the day.
  • Lose weight. While you might try to lose weight by going without meals like breakfast, nutritionists say that skipping breakfast actually has the opposite effect on many people. Operating on an empty stomach only develops an enormous appetite. By the time you do eat, you will likely eat ravenously. In fact, a 2009 University of Connecticut study showed that people who had a breakfast high in protein tended to take in 100 to 400 fewer calories for lunch. So if you are on a diet, nutritionists unanimously recommend starting the day with a healthy breakfast.
  • Do better at school, work. Breakfast provides the energy boost that lasts until lunch and helps kids do better in school and adults perform at a higher level at work. There are a number of studies that show that kids who eat a balanced breakfast perform better on tests. The energy required for school or work is best taken in with a healthy breakfast.

Food Choices for Breakfast

  • Proteins, carbohydrates. Foods high in protein, like eggs, fish and nuts, are a great choice and are easily available at either sit-down restaurants or breakfast buffets. Complex carbohydrates include rye bread and whole grains and are excellent choices because they release glucose slowly and steadily into the body.
  • Cereals, other foods high in sugar. Cereals that are high in sugar aren't a good choice because the sugar is release immediately and a short time later you will find your energy level drooping and you will be hungry again.

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