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Bounty Hunter License Laws and Requirements

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Bounty hunter license laws vary state by state. If you are interested in becoming a bounty hunter, you will need to check the bounty hunter laws and regulations for your state to be sure that you fulfill all requirements needed to work as a bounty hunter.

Bounty Hunter License Laws

Bounty hunter license laws do not exist for all states. Some states – such as Oregon and Kentucky – do not allow bounty hunters to work within their states. Other states – such as Wyoming and Nebraska - allow bounty hunters, but they do not have any type of license requirement.

States which require bounty hunters to be licensed also have their own laws regarding how a licensed bounty hunter may work. For example, in Florida a licensed bounty hunter can only be employed by one bail bonding company – the bounty hunter in Florida cannot freelance their services to multiple bonding agencies.

Most bounty hunter licenses only apply to the state the license was issued. For example, a bounty hunter with an Arizona bounty license cannot use their license to work as a bounty hunter in Utah.

Bounty Hunter License Requirements

States that do require a license for bounty hunters each have their own regulations as well. Some states require specific education courses or hours of experience before a bounty license may be issued – other states have specific bounty hunter examinations which must be completed before a bounty hunter may apply for the license.

Most states that require a bounty hunter license have age and residency requirements which must be met before the license may be issued. For most states that issue a license for bounty hunters, the applicant must be at least 21 years old, a citizen or legal resident of the U.S. and the applicant must pass a state background check.

Once a bounty hunter has received a license to work in a specific state, the bounty hunter must follow state laws regarding their work. If any of these laws are violated – for example, if a bounty hunter fails to register with the state - the bounty hunter license may be revoked. Bounty hunters who do not follow state laws regarding their job may also be subject to fines and possibly arrest.

*The information in this article does not constitute legal advice. Please contact a legal professional in your local area for the best up-to-date and accurate legal advice.

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