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Shop Online for Books, Free Shipping, and Other Perks


When online and buying books, free shipping is a top-of-the-line money saver. This, coupled with steep discounts on the books themselves, helps with everyone's bottom line. How free shipping is handled varies from vendor to vendor, and it is well worth pursuing.

Free shipping for a minimum order

On way that sellers offer free shipping, is to offer it as a perk for a minimum order – most typically twenty-five dollars. For a great many books, it is not difficult to reach this price point, and things can move smoothly. However, if your book is less than the minimum, you may find yourself tempted to order additional products to meet the minimum, and end up spending more than the original item with shipping having to be paid. In addition, some sellers charge a per item fee – which can also add up quickly.

Special promotions

Another way to purchase books, free shipping included, is to buy during special promotions – especially during holidays. In order to increase sales, free shipping of product is often dangled as an enticement to buy the item. A variation on this is the requiring an upfront fee that, once paid, guarantees free shipping on all products for a period of time – usually a year. This may be a sound investment if you make a lot of purchases from the seller. To find out, look at your past purchases from the past, and add up the shipping costs (also, look at additional purchases you may have made in order to get shipping costs waived) to find out if you spent more on shipping than the fee for the service.

Contact customer service

Because the world of online selling is highly competitive, you may be able to get books, free shipping, and even extra discounts by contacting customer service. Explain to them that you prefer to purchase from their company, but that you do not want to pay the shipping costs they are asking. Tell them you found the same product at another site that does not charge for shipping, and ask if they will waive the costs. You will be surprised at how productive this maneuver can be.

When buying books, free shipping should be one consideration before buying. With an average charge of almost four dollars per item, finding sellers who will not charge this fee can result in great savings.

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