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Dining Out - Birthday Dinner Ideas

Dining Out

Dining out may seem like the easiest way to celebrate a birthday, but here are a few birthday dinner ideas that will make the occasion special.

Birthday Dinner Ideas:  Picking the Right Restaurant

When poring over your restaurant choices, you'll need to consider food and ambience.  Depending on how far in advance you're planning the birthday party, reservations may be a consideration as well.

  • Food:  Since the birthday boy/girl is the guest of honor, you should select a restaurant that caters to his or her tastes.  However, it's also important to consider the other guests as well.  Fortunately, most restaurants offer a wide variety of dishes so most folks should be able to settle on a dish whether you end up in a steak house or a sushi bar.
  • Ambience:  The atmosphere of the restaurant can really make or break your attempt at a birthday party.  You don't want a place that's too quiet, where other patrons may find your revelries distracting or annoying.  But then, you should also avoid a place that's so loud that conversation becomes difficult.  Whether you settle on an old favorite or decide to try out something new, make sure you know ahead of time what to expect.
  • Reservations:  For smaller parties, it's usually acceptable to make your reservations just a few days in advance, or even show up without a reservation and simply wait for a table.  However, if you're planning on a large guest list, you should make your reservation as early as possible (at least a week or two in advance, or more for a particularly popular restaurant).  Not only will this ensure that you get to celebrate at the restaurant of your choice, but the staff will have plenty of time to help you organize and plan for the birthday party.

Birthday Dinner Ideas:  Making It a Personal Experience

One of the drawbacks to having a birthday party in a public venue like a restaurant is that privacy becomes an issue.  However, with a little effort, you can set your party apart from the rest of the crowd and make the birthday celebration a personal experience.

  • When booking your reservation, ask if the restaurant has a banquet room or a large table off to the side that will provide a modicum of separation from the rest of the crowd.
  • Consider adding personal touches to the table, like place cards or other decorations.  However, you should check with the manager on duty first, to make sure this is allowed.
  • Once you've cleared it with the restaurant, fill a few low vases with the guest of honor's favorite flowers and place them along the table.  If the birthday boy/girl doesn't have a favorite flower, choose flowers in his or her favorite color instead.
  • If your party planning includes seating arrangements, make sure you place close family and friends nearest the guest of honor at the head of the table.

Birthday Dinner Ideas:  Bringing the Cake

Most restaurants won't object to you bringing your own birthday cake and, in fact, many will even keep it safe in the kitchen until you're ready for them to bring it out.  However, it is still a good idea to mention this to the restaurant host or manager when you're making the reservation, to avoid any unexpected complications.

Birthday Dinner Ideas:  Calling It a Night

When the birthday dinner comes to a close, you may want to invite the party back to your place for drinks.  But if not, you can say your goodnights secure in the knowledge that your birthday dinner ideas made the evening very special for the guest of honor.

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