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Biometric Security Devices

Identity Theft

Biometric security devices are products that identify individuals based on physical or behavioral traits. As cases of identity theft and security fraud continue to rise, biometrics are being used more and more often. Learn about the different types of biometric security devices and how they are helping to prevent theft.

Fingerprint Biometric Devices

Today, a variety of security devices are now available that instantly analyze the grooves in an individual's fingertip to verify identity. Of course, dusting for fingerprints has long been a crime-fighting tactic and criminal prints are routinely taken upon arrest. However, new devices now allow fingerprint biometrics to be available in commercial products. For example, laptops are increasingly being outfitted with fingerprint analysis software to deter theft and keep unauthorized users from accessing data. Fingerprint analysis can also be used on a home door lock as added security for entering a home.

Similar types of biometrics, such as hand geometry analysis and hand palm analysis, have also crept into the commercial arena.

Retina and Iris Scan Biometric Devices

The coloration and unique imperfections in the iris of our eyes is just as unique as our fingerprints. Due to this fact, iris scan devices utilize infrared beams to analyze the visual configuration of an individual's eyes. Retina scans use similar technology. However, analyzing blood vessel patterns within an individual's eye is the ultimate goal of this alternative technique.

Facial Recognition Biometric Devices

Law enforcement and security companies are increasingly turning to facial recognition software to identify suspects in unsolved crime investigations that include photo or video evidence of perpetrators. The technology works by analyzing the size, shape and distance of facial features and comparing them against a database of facial photos.

Facial recognition can also be used at security checkpoints to ensure an individual has the right to enter or exit.

Voice Recognition Biometric Devices

Biometric security devices can also be produced to identify an individual's unique voice pitch and tone. Like most other biometrics, such technology can be used to aid law enforcement in the attempt to positively identify suspects of a crime. It can also be used for personal uses of gaining entry to a home or other location.

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