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Pay Bills Online to Save Time

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Paying bills online is a convenient way to save time! It's easy, fast and more secure than sending payments by mail.

It's fast!
You'll have to set up each creditor by entering your account number and possibly the address to which you've been mailing payments. After that, when you log into your online bill pay, you'll see a list of the creditors you've set up. You'll find the one you want, enter the amount you want to pay, enter the date you want the payment delivered and click a button to make the payment(s).

You can even set up recurring payments. If you have a bill that's always the same amount, you can arrange in advance for a payment to be sent each month (or at whatever interval the bill is due) for that amount. The payment will automatically be deducted from your account and sent to your creditor, without any further attention from you. You can easily change the amount and delivery date if you need to.

It's cheaper!
With online bill pay, you don't have to buy stamps and envelopes. You don't have to write checks or even pay to have them printed in the first place. But paying bills online can save you more than just the cost of postage! Most payments can be credited much more quickly than a check sent through the mail will be, sometimes as soon as the next day. By getting your payments applied to your account quickly, you can avoid substantial late fees.

It's safer!
Online bill payment is also significantly more secure than mailing checks. Check theft, counterfeiting and washing all start with a paper check, and mailed bill payments pass through many hands. Your online payment is protected by high-level security measures, and is much less vulnerable to prying eyes.

Did we mention that it's fast?
After the initial set up, paying your bill is simply a matter of entering an amount and the date to process the payment. It only takes a few seconds!

By paying bills online, you make it easier on yourself while saving money and keeping your payments more secure. Online bill pay is a smart way to save your valuable time!

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