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How Long Have You Been Using Twitter?

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How long have you been using Twitter? If you haven't logged on to your Twitter account lately, you might be surprised by some of the changes and growth in this social networking phenomenon. Twitter has over 5 million members and it's still growing, and those members are creating change in Twitter and its many uses. When you post on Twitter, it's short and sweet. Posts can only be 140 characters long, and these posts are called "tweets."

Check Out New Applications and Abilities

If you've been using Twitter for some time, you'll be familiar with the many applications and third-party services, like directories, that you can access through the site. You can also link up accounts at other social media sites with your Twitter site. There's a new app called "retweet" that allows you to pass on your favorite tweets to your followers. Many third-party developers have created programs and sites that use Twitter information, too. For example, there are "white pages" where Twitter users can list themselves in categories or areas of interest, and there are "yellow pages" where businesses who use Twitter can list themselves.

Don't Spam

If you send out broad advertisements on Twitter to thousands of followers, your account could be suspended, because spam is prohibited on Twitter. Instead, tweet about your products and services in a general way, or post a link to a new press release or product brochure. Look around at how other corporations are using Twitter, and if you're using your account for marketing, follow their lead in creating your own tweets.

Have You Been Using Twitter Effectively?

To be the most effective on Twitter, keep business and personal accounts separate. You may have crossover followers, and that's fine, but it's best to keep business and pleasure separate when you tweet. Use Twitter to market your products and services, and write entertaining tweets that your followers can relate to. It doesn't hurt to create tweets that are humorous, too. Use particular keywords in your tweets so followers can easily find you and your business, and be sure to post regularly to keep your product and name in front of your followers all the time.

If you've been using Twitter for any length of time, you probably already know that it's a good marketing tool. It doesn't take the place of other types of marketing, but it can add a new dimension that could help your business prosper.

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