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Easy Bedroom Decoration

Interior Design and Decor
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Before calling in for reinforcements to add more style to your bedroom, here are several easy bedroom decoration ideas you can do all by yourself.

Wall Fixtures

One of the easiest bedroom decorations has to do with wall coverings. While some designers prefer to use several different sized picture frames to accomplish this, designers suggest blowing up photos and turning them into black and white or sepia-toned murals. If a bedroom is more sensual, murals could be of interlocked fingers, clasping hands or nature. Parents may want to enlarge their children's photos or artwork. Trendy decorators may want to enlarge contemporary designs and later add them easily to a bedroom wall. Either way, personal art makes for a wonderful conversation piece.


Sometimes the easiest transition in a bedroom comes from changing the bedding. These days, shopping can be done with one stop by purchasing an entire bedding package in one bag – i.e., bed in a bag. Accent pillows, two or four, will complement this purchase. On the other hand, a duvet cover and matching/contrasting pillows will accomplish the same task. Most duvets are easy to maneuver, only requiring the purchaser to fasten a row of buttons once a comforter has been covered.


Regardless of which style is chosen for bedroom decoration, lighting can make or break the room. Place lamps on either side of the bed, particularly if late night reading is a hobby. Lighting above the headboard serves a similar role as well, but can also be used to emphasize any artwork overhead. Tiered or chandelier-esque lighting changes the ambiance of a room upgrading the status from modern to timeless.


Curtains are more than just subtle accents to a room. They highlight natural light or create a facade. For instance, curtains can alter the space of a room making it appear larger when really the space is confined depending on the length of the curtains. Like a chandelier, curtains can be used playfully to add character or sensuality to the bedroom, or if less light is desired, use darker, heavier curtains to decrease lighting. Rods and hangers are easy to install too. Visit a local department store for more information on installation.


Place a rug underneath or beside a bed as one more way of showing attention to detail. Texture as well as color brings more personality and softness to bedroom décor, especially if the bedroom has wood or paneled flooring.

Decorating a bedroom really can be easy and doesn't necessarily require an investment in furniture or remodeling but can be achieved with inexpensive changes.

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