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Bathroom Remodeling Adds Value

Bathroom Remodeling
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When selling a home, the number of bathrooms, their square footage and level of luxury will become a valuable bargaining tool. Bathroom remodeling is a powerful way to add value to your home, and can increase your selling price up to 20 percent in many cases.

Multiple Bathrooms
If you currently only have one bathroom, you will want to seriously consider adding another; homes with only one bathroom are a hard sell. Study the other homes in your area and see if you are above or below average. This will come into play when you are setting a selling price, and you will want to be up to par in your neighborhood in terms of the number of bathrooms in your home. Adding a bathroom to a master bathroom is a popular way to add value to the home.

Square Footage
Adding square footage is a guaranteed bathroom remodeling project that will add value to your home. If you currently have a bathroom the size of a closet, consider expanding that space to a bathroom that will be more desirable to home buyers.

Consider the family and couples who will be considering your home. For the bathroom, consider including a double basin sink for spouses. Larger houses are likely going to sell to those with larger families. Consider how many bathrooms it would take to accommodate the amount of people who could move into your home. While your kids have survived years sharing one bathroom, the housing market is competitive enough that you have to add more frills to your package.

Luxury bathrooms are increasingly becoming a place of retreat for home dwellers. The effects of a luxury bathroom remodeling can be achieved by adding more space, a jacuzzi, a steam shower, or a specialty shower. For example, sit-down showers are growing in popularity, and there are many gadgets out there that control the stream of water and even include nature sounds or music.

Don't overlook the simple renovations as well when bathroom remodeling. New tiling and a new coat of paint can dramatically change the look of your bathroom. Just be sure to stay consistent in the style and colors that you choose.

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