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Bathroom Remodel Costs

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The master bathroom is one of two rooms in a house most likely to be remodeled, the kitchen being the other. Some people will renovate their master bathroom in advance of putting their home up for sale in order to increase the selling price. Most of the time, however, people renovate the bathroom to upgrade the fixtures and create a newer, stylish look. Your bathroom remodel costs will depend on what type of work you want done in your bathroom.

Flooring – Many homes, older homes in particular, have linoleum or vinyl flooring in the bathroom. When people remodel the bathroom they will often upgrade the linoleum flooring to tile, stone or wood laminate flooring. Flooring companies charge by the square foot, so the flooring costs of your bathroom remodel will depend on the flooring material you choose and the size of your bathroom.

Sink and faucets – Upgrading the bathroom sink and faucets from the standard white porcelain and metal is another important part of most bathroom remodeling projects. You can go with a different color porcelain sink to complement a new color scheme or an artistic glass sink. You can even replace the toilet to match a new color scheme as well. There are hundreds of different faucet styles to choose from and different high-quality finishes, such as nickel, brass and platinum. Another option is to simply add space by extending the bathroom counter top and adding a second sink and faucet.

Shower and tub – The shower and tub will almost certainly be the largest of your bathroom remodel costs. Many people like to switch from the standard tub and shower combination to a separate tub and shower. The result is a walk-in shower, probably with a deluxe shower head, and a large garden tub with water jets. Not only are these fixtures by far the most expensive materials you will need for a remodeled bathroom, they will also require a good bit of remodeling work to install. This type of remodeling will require significant carpentry and plumbing work.

If your only reason for remodeling your bathroom is to sell the home, then consider all the bathroom remodel costs before going through with the remodel. There is no sense in spending $20,000 on your bathroom to add $15,000 to the sale price. However, if you are remodeling your bathroom because it is time for a fresh, updated look then you need only stay within your budget, rather than concern yourself with all the bathroom remodeling costs.

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