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Banking Jobs - Tips to Help you Find Banking Employment

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Banking jobs generally offer secure employment with health care and bonus packages in addition to opportunities for advancement. If you are interested in a banking job, or you have experience in banking and you are looking for long term employment, here are a few tips which can help you to start your new career.

Types of Banking Jobs

A number of different types of banking jobs are available through commercial banks, credit unions and saving institutions. The most common types of employment positions available at banks include:

  • Entry Level Positions: Tellers and office clerks
  • Accounting Jobs: Auditing clerks, bookkeeping clerks and accountants
  • Mid-Level Positions: Customer service reps, new accounts clerks, loan interviewers
  • Secretarial and HR Employment: Executive secretaries, administrative assistants, human resource clerks and managers
  • Upper-Level Positions: Loan officers, financial managers, general managers, operations managers

Expected salaries for these positions range widely depending on where the institution is located and the experience level of the employee. However, on average entry level bank positions pay about $12 to $15 an hour, mid-level positions pay $15 to $20 an hour and upper level positions pay $20 to $40 plus an hour.

Hiring Requirements for Banking Jobs

If you are applying for banking jobs, you will need a few basic requirements before you will be considered for employment:

  • Entry level banking positions require a high school diploma or GED, proficiency in math and excellent people skills.
  • Mid level and upper level positions require advanced education, experience or both.
  • All banking positions generally require a background check, and some mid to upper level positions may require a credit check as well.

Many banks offer continuing education and advancement opportunities for employees, and it is possible for entry level employees to eventually advance through the company if they work hard and take advantage of these opportunities.

How to Find Banking Jobs

The best way to find banking jobs in your area, or at a location where you would consider relocating, is to use employment agency services which specialize in banking employment positions. An employment agency will match your skills, experience and future goals to find the best available banking positions for you; an agency may also help you to create a strong resume and to find ongoing education opportunities that could help you to begin a banking career.

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