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What are Bail Recovery Agents?

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Bail recovery agents are also known as bounty hunters, fugitive recovery agents and bond recovery agents. Recovery agents work for bail bonding companies and agencies to ‘recover’ clients who have skipped out on their bail bond.

Bail Recovery Agents and State Laws

Each state has their own laws regarding bail recovery agents: some states do not allow recovery agents at all and other states have strict or loose laws regarding how fugitives may be recovered.

State laws for bail fugitive recovery varies so much, that any persons wishing to work as a recovery agent need to be well informed of their own state’s laws. For example, in Florida recovery agents are allowed but they cannot freelance their services, Illinois has completely banned recovery agents from working in that state and in Louisiana recovery agents are allowed but they must have a state license.

Bail Recovery Agents and Fugitive Recovery

Bail recovery agents working to recovery a bond fugitive must abide by state laws regarding fugitive recovery and fugitive treatment. If agents violate these laws, the agents themselves can be charged and arrested – and in some states the fugitives may sue the recovery agents if the agents broke any regulations during the arrest or detainment process.

For the most part, recovery agents use surveillance and detective work to locate a fugitive – the agent may then call law enforcement to apprehend the fugitive. States which allow bail agents to physically apprehend or retain a bond fugitive often require agents to notify law enforcement of their activities. Most states which allow bail agents to recover fugitives require agents to carry liability insurance.

Bail Recovery Agents and Recovery Employment

Bail recovery agents usually work on a commission basis, and most bail bonding companies pay their recovery agents 10% of the fugitive’s total bail bond price. Bail agents are often legally restricted to working for a specific bail bonding company, or multiple companies, and most agents cannot work as freelance bounty hunters. The income which a bail recovery agent receives will depend on the recovery agent’s success at locating and detaining fugitives and on the amount of open positions available in their area; in some cities, the competition for bail agents is quite fierce and as a result overall yearly incomes for jobs in these areas are reduced.

*The information in this article does not constitute legal advice. Please contact a legal professional in your local area for the best up-to-date and accurate legal advice.

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