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Bail Bonding Companies - Services and Fees

Bail Bonds

Bail bonding companies specialize in working with the courts to issue bail bonds for defendants in criminal cases. Most bond organizations specialize in surety and/or immigration bonds, and the fees they charge are defined by state laws and regulations.

Bail Bonding Companies and Surety Bonds

Surety bonds are the most common types of bail bonds which are issued to defendants who wish to obtain bail. Surety bail bond services are available through almost all bail bonding companies.

With a surety bond, the bond company acts as the ‘surety’ or insurance to the court for the bond. All bond organizations charge a specific fee for the surety bond and require sources of collateral to cover the entire cost of the bond.

Bonding companies which issue surety bonds usually have a fast, streamlined, bond application system. Defendants who have received a bail bond at a bond hearing can generally obtain a quick release from jail through the professional services of a bail bond company.

Bail Bonding Companies and Immigration Bonds

Immigration bonds are issued for defendants who have been arrested on immigration law violations. Defendants who are arrested on immigration violations are usually deemed ‘high flight risks’ - and bond agencies which issue immigration bonds must carry high insurance policies. Due to the increased flight risk associated with this type of bond, immigration bonds are only issued by bail bonding companies which specialize in immigration bonds.

Defendants who need an immigration bond to obtain release from jail will need to contact a bail bond company that is licensed to issue immigration bonds.

Bail Bonding Companies and Bond Fees

Fees for bail bonds are generally 10% of the bail for surety bonds and 15% of the bail for immigration bonds. For example, if a defendant was issued a bail bond price of $150,000 dollars the cost of a surety bond would be $15,000 dollars and the cost of an immigration bond would be $22,500 dollars.

The fees which bail bonding companies charge to obtain bonds are non-refundable. Even if a defendant wins a court case, the fee for the bond will not be returned. Bail bond companies may also require collateral to cover the entire cost of the bond. For example, a defendant who has a bail price of $150,000 dollars may need to use their house as collateral to cover the entire $150,000 dollar price of the bond before a company will issue a surety bond for their release. If the defendant flees, any properties or monies which are put up for collateral on the bond will be seized by the courts.

*The information in this article does not constitute legal advice. Please contact a legal professional in your local area for the best up-to-date and accurate legal advice.

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