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Finding Good Bail Advice

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When it comes to finding bail advice, it is just like every other type of advice that is floating around –everyone has his or her opinion. Sorting through the miasma that passes for sound information is tedious and can lead to poor decisions. The best place to turn for advice on this subject is to an attorney or to a bail bond agency. While both will give solid recommendations, the information they offer will be different.

Bail advice from a bonding agency

When seeking information from a bonding agency, you will most likely learn about the different types of bail bonds, and the types of bonding they provide. In essence, working with a bail bond agency is like working with a loan company or an insurance company (in fact, rates for bonding agencies are set by state insurance boards). They will have specific rates for their bonds, have a good deal of paper work to fill out, and have severe penalties for defaulting on the bond.

Within any given jurisdiction, bail bond agencies all operate in the same fashion, and have the same guidelines. If there is a difference, it is found in any additional fees they may charge, and the aggressiveness they display when pursuing bail jumpers.

Bail advice from a law firm

The best source for bail advice is from a lawyer or a law firm. In fact, the best resource for dealing with the legal system is a law firm. When you engage an attorney, you will be guided through every step of the process. They attorney will make sure you know how bail is determined, and why a certain level was given as bail.

An attorney will also offer advice as to what the best course of action is and will try to get the lowest amount of bail possible – trying even for a signature bond, which allows the defendant to be release on his or her own recognizance and not have to pay any bail. If bail is set that exceeds the financial wherewithal of the defendant, the attorney can arrange for bail from an agency, or from the law firm itself. The fee for the bond is normally ten percent of the total bail, and is not refundable.

If you need to raise bail, do not rely on the opinions of those who have only a TV viewer’s knowledge of the subject. For good bail advice, speak to a bail bondsperson. For expert bail advice, consult with an attorney.

This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice. If legal guidance and assistance is needed, contact a local attorney for help.

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