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Where to Host a Baby Shower Brunch

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A baby shower brunch is a great option for a baby shower. First, having a baby shower brunch will allow you to host your shower earlier in the day, which is great for pregnant moms who tend to get tired out easily and who may want to rest at night time. Second, having a baby shower brunch can be a great way for everyone to socialize without spending the money for an expensive dinner. Third, brunches can be both elegant and baby themed. However, to pull of a great baby shower brunch, you need to choose your venue carefully.

Where to Host a Baby Shower Brunch

A baby shower brunch can be hosted at any restaurant that offers a brunch. Hotels, country clubs and local breakfast restaurants may all host brunch events. You can ask for a special room to reserve for your guests if you have enough people, or you can simply reserve a large table and have your brunch party all eat together in the regular dining room. If you do have enough people to reserve a room in a restaurant, make sure you ask the restaurant what their policy is as far as decorating the room- is it OK if you come and put up pink streamers, for example, or do they have their own decorating system in place for when people rent a room for brunch.

Find out what the brunch menu is and make sure there is something on there everyone can enjoy. Yet another benefit of a baby shower brunch is that almost everyone eats some type of brunch or breakfast food, so there should be a good option for picky eaters and vegetarians alike. See whether the brunch at the restaurant is a sit down brunch or a buffet, and decide which works best for you. A buffet will give your guests more options, but a sit down menu will allow you to have a longer period of time in which you and all the other guests at the baby shower brunch can sit and socialize without people jumping up to get refills on their meals.

If you want to have baby shower games, you may need to make sure that is OK with the restaurant or you may need to book a room in a restaurant so you don't disturb the other guests. However, most people like babies and pregnant women and the other patrons in a restaurant should be accommodating and tolerant of your baby shower brunch for the most part, even if you are in the main dining room, as long as you don't cause a disruption.

Finally, if you are going to have a large group for a table or if you are going to reserve a private room, make sure you book your baby shower brunch well in advance so you can get a table at the restaurant of your choosing.

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