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Professional Auto Paint Repair

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Has a recent fender bender left you with an unsightly auto paint repair? If so, you may be tempted to save a few bucks by purchasing a paint chip repair kit and doing the repair at home. However, auto painting is a difficult process that requires great skill and expertise. For all but the smallest of paint scratches, it is recommended that you save yourself some time and headaches by choosing a professional paint repair expert.

Importance of Experience

Many do-it-yourselfers fail to realize the sheer amount of steps and man hours that go into repairing paint chips or scratches. Prior to painting, the surface must be properly cleaned with a number of chemicals, including metal conditioners and wax and grease remover. Careful sanding must also be employed to wear down the surrounding paint and create a smooth surface for paint adhesion. Sanding may also be necessary after painting.

For the actual painting process, a thin layer of primer must first be applied. Then, the paint is applied. For large auto painting jobs, the process may require as many as 24 coats of paint. A coat of clear paint must also be applied to provide a clean shine. All told, the entire painting process can take several hours, and oftentimes span the course of two days. If any step in the process is not done correctly, then the entire paint job may be compromised.

Better Materials

Choosing to go with a professional auto paint repair expert not only saves you time, but will likely result in a superior paint job. This is because professionals have access to expensive painting materials that can deliver vastly superior results than home repair kits. For example, matching your vehicle's paint job may prove difficult with paint products available at your local auto repair store. However, body shops have the ability to mix paint to precisely match your car's color.

Additionally, auto shops make use of compressed air guns to apply car paint. These specialized air guns provide a smooth, consistent flow of paint for exceptional paint adhesion. Clearly, this is a better choice for fixing large scratches than hand painting. As such, unless you possess both a considerable amount of patience and a fair amount of home car repair experience, opting to go with an auto paint repair professional is probably the right choice to make.

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