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How Do Auto Junk Yards Work?

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Auto junk yards are typical businesses in most towns. They are commonly referred to as auto salvage yards because they are a place where car parts are salvaged. Some car parts may not be functional anymore, but even the oldest or most dilapidated car may still have something useful for others.

Understanding How Auto Junk Yards Work

Auto junk yards take old, crashed, or non-working vehicles. They will take all usable components of the vehicle ranging from windows and windshields, to lights and engines and then either resell them to warehouses or store them. The metal parts are sent to recycling facilities while fiberglass pieces will be sent to recycling plants for fiberglass. An estimated 10-12 million cars are taken by auto junk yards in the US annually and approximately 75 percent of salvaged vehicles can be sold or recycled.

Auto salvage yards begin their service with what is called a pre-treatment. This is the preparation period for a car before it is disassembled. This process involves the draining out of fuel, oil, coolant and other fluids to prevent leakage while the car is on the yard. The tires, gas tank, and battery are also taken out.

The fluids can be used by another vehicle, can be sold, or taken to a recycling warehouse. Even the battery and gas tank can be resold or recycled. Tires on the other hand can be reused in many ways. They can be burned for energy, can be re-treated, or simply used as ground rubber.

The auto junk yard will evaluate the other parts and will check their condition. Based on the evaluation, they will then decide whether to repair, sell, or recycle the parts. If the whole car is considered to still be repairable, the typical move would be to sell it. Auto junk yards, often have electronic databases to record inventory of all cars parts available.

If you are in need of a part that is difficult to find, you can check with an auto salvage yard. You may have to take time in searching from one yard to another but that is much better than ordering for a car part that is already obsolete. You can save a lot of money as well since parts from an auto salvage yard are much cheaper than brand new parts.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a way to dispose of your vehicle, you may want to give a few auto junk yards in your area a call to find out whether they can take the car off your hands.

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