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Attic Ventilation

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Attic ventilation is an issue that is often overlooked by homeowners. As hot air rises, your attic can become extremely hot which can make a home very uncomfortable. Plus, this can make it more expensive to heat and cool your house in extreme weather conditions.

Installing proper attic ventilation can provide sizable energy savings. It aids in preventing the development of excessive moisture which can cause problems. Here’s a guide to proper attic ventilation.

Non-Mechanical Vents
There are many different types of non-mechanical attic ventilation methods including a gable vent. These roof vents are placed at the highest point of the attic, allowing warm air to vent outside. This option is best if you have mild issues with attic ventilation.

Another non-mechanical ventilation method is soffit vents. These vents are installed near the soffit in the attic and allow for constant movement of air. Also, consider ridge vents which are installed on the top of your roof.

Mechanical Vents
If you have serious issues with extreme heat or cool weather, consider installing a mechanical attic vent. These vents use energy to blow air out of your attic. This ensures that air is constantly moving, instead of getting trapped.

When choosing a mechanical vent, you can select an electric or solar powered model. Although the initial expense may be higher, solar powered vents can help further reduce your energy costs.

Safeguard Against House Fires
When purchasing a fan for attic ventilation, make sure to find a model with a firestat. This is a mechanism that will automatically shut off the device if it detects high temperatures - which is an important tool in preventing dangerous house fires.

Professional Installation of Attic Ventilation

Installing attic vents can be a relatively easy project for some homeowners. However, if you prefer to leave the job to the experts, consider contacting a professional. They can evaluate your attic space and house structure and determine which fan will work the best. Most homes need multiple fans to manage airflow properly. When choosing a professional, make sure to get a detailed contract outlining the work to be completed and ask about product warranties.

Also, the type of roof you have plays a huge role in attic ventilation. Some roofing materials like eco-roofing or metal roofing are effective in deflecting the heat – providing better insulation. If you need to replace your roof, consider some of these alternative materials.

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