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Tools for Arranging Artificial Flowers

Flowers and Florists
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Artificial flowers are available in silk, polyester, paper, plastic, metal and wood, and all these materials can be used in combination when preparing arrangements. The craft of flower arranging is similar whether you use live blooms or "permanent botanicals", but some of the tools are a little different. Because the stems of artificial flowers are often built around a metal wire core, the stems can be easy to fix in place, but difficult to cut. The following tips will give you some basic information about how to begin arranging permanent botanicals.

Tools and Tips for Arranging Artificial Flowers

To get started preparing your own designs, you'll need a few basic aids:

  • Floral foam - Available in a number of varieties, floral foam helps to anchor flower stems in place. In the case of water absorbent foams (for fresh cut flowers), it also makes moisture available to the cut stem.
  • Wire cutters - These invaluable tools will help make short work of thick wire stems. You can find easy to handle versions at your local craft or other floral supply outlet.
  • Floral tape - Designed for a number of uses, floral tape can be particularly helpful in creating a grid across the top of a container opening to hold complex arrangements in place. This type of tape is usually sticky on one side.
  • Moss - Think of this as the all-purpose material of flower designing. It helps to hide the base of arrangements and the lip of containers, like jars, that may be unsightly peeking from among the leaves.
  • Floral pins - These useful pins help to affix flowers to bases and other forms, like wreaths, spheres or topiaries.
  • Hot glue gun - Once you have a good idea that you like the layout of your arrangement and know that it will be permanent, apply hot glue to the stems when you insert them in the foam. This will stabilize the foundation and keep your arrangement looking better longer.

Other useful objects to have on hand are:

  • Shears
  • Wastebasket
  • Ruler
  • Ribbon
  • Newspaper (To keep moss from getting all over the table or floor.)

Many artificial stems are long and will need to be cut once you've measured their length relative to the container you have in mind. This is best accomplished on a counter, bench or table where you have enough room to maneuver the flowers freely without having to worry about nearby objects.

Now that you have your tools, artificial flowers and a work area prepared, you're ready to start the process of creating a pleasing arrangement. Although you'll hear that flowers are best grouped in threes or fives, and that using like hues with the pop of a complimentary color here and there is the best way to build a successful arrangement, the perfect arrangement is the one that looks good to you.

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