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Top 3 Aquatic Exercises


Aquatic exercises can help you to tone up, slim down and increase your level of physical health. The following water exercises can be performed in waist to shoulder high water; you do not need to be a swimmer, but you do need to talk with your doctor before you begin any type of new exercise routine.

Water Walking and Jogging

Water walking and water jogging are excellent beginning aquatic exercises that can help to increase circulation and burn calories. To perform these exercises properly, make sure that you keep your feet flat on the floor of the pool – resist the urge to step with your tippy-toes!

Try to take large strides, stand up straight, and lift your arms up and down as you walk; for added water resistance as you move, try incorporating webbed glove water accessories into your routine. Once you get the hang of water walking, begin water jogging at a comfortable speed.

Underwater Leg Lifts

Underwater leg lifts can help you to build strong leg muscles without placing strain on your pelvis, hip joints and knees. To perform these aquatic exercises, stand with your back to the edge of the pool and use the pool wall to help keep your back and posture straight.

Begin lifting one leg, and then the other, up from the knee; once you have mastered these exercises practice extending one leg, and then the other, straight outward. To maximize underwater leg lifts, use ankle weights or wrap a leg noodle around each ankle.

Water Jumping Jacks

Water jumping jacks are fun and effective exercises that can help you to burn calories and get into shape. Aquatic jumping jacks should be performed like regular jumping jacks outside of the water: stand up straight, bend at the knees then jump and lift while extending your arms and legs.

Jumping jacks performed in shoulder deep water are more strenuous than those performed in waist deep water; as with other types of aquatic exercises, you can use accessories such as water noodles, webbed gloves and ankle or wrist water weights to increase the level of your workout.

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