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Dealing with Apartment Noise

Apartment Living
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Apartment noise can quickly turn a great complex into a nightmare. Noise from other apartments or the pool area, garage, parking lot, laundry area or common hallways and foyers can affect your concentration during the day and rob you of sleep at night. In short, apartment noise can greatly affect your quality of life. Consider these tips to deal with apartment noise issues.

Check the Lease for Apartment Noise Restrictions

Experts say many apartment leases will either directly or indirectly cover the issue of apartment noise. The lease may spell out that tenants asked more than a certain number of times to keep noise to a minimum can have their leases terminated. Or, apartment noise may be indirectly addressed in the section of the lease that spells out obligations of the tenant. Go over your lease carefully and remember that the document can be amended. You can ask the landlord to include a provision on dealing with apartment noise. That way, if noise from another apartment ever becomes a problem, you don't have to handle the situation yourself.

Ways to Avoid Apartment Noise

  • Don't live near the pool. There are some parts of an apartment building, particularly with larger complexes, that are noisier than other areas. While some people may not mind living near the pool or meeting and party rooms, try to get a unit away from those areas if at all possible.
  • Try not to face busy streets. During the hustle and bustle of daytime hours, traffic from a nearby thoroughfare may not be noticeable at all. But during the stillness of night, traffic on a busy street can create rumbling and plenty of noise. Ask the landlord about a quiet area of the complex when you first move in and you may be able to avoid excessive apartment noise.
  • City noise laws. Many cities have noise laws - particularly larger cities. These laws may spell out hours when excessive noise is unreasonable. If a neighbor or area of the complex is too loud, ask your landlord to enforce the city's noise laws.
  • Call the police. If your landlord seems unconcerned about your noise complaints, tell the landlord you intend to call the police the next time apartment noise affects your ability to sleep or function normally in your apartment. Landlords don't like visits from the police because many people will assume a crime has been committed and wonder if the complex has a safety issue. Of course, calling the police to restrain a neighbor who refuses to quiet down after hours will probably lead to a strained relationship, but it's better than putting up with constant apartment noise.

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