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What are Anesthesia Specialties?

Doctors and Medical Specialties
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By the time an anesthesiologist gets her first hospital job after graduation, she has already undergone medical school and one year of hospital residency. A further three years of study and residency is then required specifically in the field of anesthesiology. Anesthesiologists must also undergo training in a number of anesthesia specialties.

The Role of an Anesthesiologist

An anesthesiologist is trained specifically to provide relief from pain during and after surgical operations and to assess the condition and provide life support for a patient undergoing surgery. An anesthesiologist will also be consulted regarding pain management and critical care medication. They diagnose and treat severe or critical injuries and o going pain problems for cancer patients. They also supervise recovery after surgery.

Anesthesia Specialties

Evaluation and treatment of patients prior to anesthesia.

The anesthetist must perform a thorough evaluation of the patient prior to administering anesthesia to asses for existing medical conditions and complications, any medication that the patient may be taking and any possibility of allergic reactions to the anesthetic.

Management and assessment of patients during surgery anesthetic procedures.

The anesthetist must be very vigilant during the surgical operation to ensure that the patient is free from pain but is also kept alive. This process is very complicated and the anesthetist must maintain concentration.

Evaluation and treatment of patients after anesthesia.

The anesthetist is responsible for assessing patients after surgery to ensure that there are no lasting side effects from the anesthesia.

Consultation and direction of physicians and non-physicians who are helping with the anesthesia care to the patients.

Areas of specialization within the field of anesthesiology include:

Pediatric anesthesiology – administering anesthesia to children.

Obstetric anesthesiology – administering anesthesia to women who are undergoing a cesarean section for child birth.

Neurosurgical anesthesiology - administering anesthesia to patients undergoing brain surgery.

Cardiothoracic anesthesiology - administering anesthesia to patients undergoing heart surgery.

Anesthesiology for pain management.

Anesthesiology for critical care.

The average pay scale of an anesthesiologist in the United States is $100,000-300,000. Salary increases incrementally as the anesthesiologist gains more years of experience.

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