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Are Analog Cable Channels Still Available?

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Transitions from analog cable channels to digital cable channels that are taking place in the world of television service have plenty of people confused. With televisions, signals, and cable services all going from analog to digital, nobody is quite sure what’s available and what they might have to do to continue receiving the television they want. A common question for people who are in the midst of dealing with the transition is whether or not they can still receive analog cable channels through their television.

Are Analog Cable Channels Still Available?

The answer depends on what exactly is meant by ‘analog cable channels.’ Cable companies have changed their signals to digital, and are no longer sending out analog cable signals. However, this is a good thing for the customer: digital cable offers more channels and higher picture quality than analog. What’s more, even if you have an analog television and not a digital one, it won’t matter: you’ll still be able to get your cable service even once it is changed to digital. Your analog television might not give you the full experience of the digital picture quality, but the channels will definitely be there.

If by “analog channels” you’re wondering whether the basic, over-the-air television that you used to get with antenna is still available, the answer is: yes, but it’s not available via antenna anymore. Because the analog signal is no longer being sent out, the channels still exist but have been converted to digital. Because of this, antennas, which only pick up analog signals and not digital ones, won’t get you the channels, and you will have to get them either by subscribing to cable service, or by purchasing a converter box for your television. Cable will provide these channels in digital format along with all the others in your service package. The converter box will take the digital signal coming in and convert it so that your television can still view it.

Yes, the analog-to-digital conversion is confusing for some, but most people are just wondering how they can continue their TV experience as before, and are worried about losing access to the channels they’ve come to expect. In most cases, you shouldn’t worry: if you have cable, the switch will be basically handled for you by your cable company. If you don’t, and if you’ve been receiving TV via antennas, you should look into purchasing a converter box, which are available at almost any electronics store for a relatively low price. Once you have the box set up in your home, you’ll get all the analog cable channels you’re used to getting without any further complications.

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