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What Do American Cafes Serve?

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American cafes serve a variety of foods that are widely considered to be traditional American fare. Unlike some ethnicity's, however, there is no clear cut idea of what constitutes American food. Everyone knows, for example, that at an Italian restaurant you are likely to get pasta and pizza, while at a Chinese restaurant you'll get rice dishes with sweet and sour, spicy, ginger or garlic sauces. While American cuisine is not as distinctive or clearly defined as other ethnic food, American cafes still have some common items that are likely to show up on their menus.

What do American Cafes Serve?

American cafes tend to be on the casual side, both because of the fact that they are cafes- and cafes are normally less formal- and because American food as a whole tends to be less formal. Unlike the fancy cream sauces and heavy butters and sweet herb flavors of France, for example, American food tends to be comfort food that you can eat to fill you up after a days work, along with light snacks that are easy-to-eat on the go.

Cheeseburgers are widely considered to be one of the classic American foods, and you may have a variety of different burgers-and-fries options on the menu at an American cafe. Sandwiches are another popular item for American cafes, usually on bread or rolls as opposed to on baguettes or croissants like at a French restaurant. You can expect to find things such as tuna sandwiches, bacon lettuce and tomato sandwiches (BLTS) and related sandwich items on the menu at American Cafes.

Classic comfort foods, such as chicken pot pie, meatloaf, pot roast and casseroles may make up the dinner menu at American cafes. However, cafes on the whole tend to be lighter food and not to be heavy meats with lots of sides or big meals (those are more often found at diners than cafes) so you may not find these items on the menu of American cafes. You may also find some ethnic favorites that have become American favorites. Pizza may be served at an American cafe, for example, although pizza is traditionally an Italian dish.

Deserts will likely be classics, such as Apple pie. You may have beers or wines served, but as a cafe, the alcohol menu may be limited so you will have to check the menu of the particular cafe you are interested in before going. American cafes on the whole tend to be less formal, although you will also want to check the dress code and price list of the restaurant so you don't face any surprises when you get there.

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