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What is an Allopathic Physician?

Doctors and Medical Specialties
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An allopathic physician is a medical doctor who treats disorders and injuries by using methods aimed at counteracting the problems. For example, an allopathic physician will prescribe antibiotics to treat a bacterial infection.

The term allopathic comes from the Greek and means “other than disease.” It is a traditional method used by every allopathic physician and is a practice that is most prevalent in the Western world. In general, allopathic medicine refers to modern scientific medicine or biomedicine.

Allopathic physicians rely on patented pharmaceutical drugs, radiation and surgery to treat their patients. This type of medical doctor will only use allopaths and will tend to avoid the use of non-allopathic or alternative medicine. Alternative to allopathic medicine are naturopathic medicine and holistic medicine.

Allopathic Physician Specialties

There is a wide range of allopathic specialties most medical students specialize in their final years. Here is a rundown of allopathic specialties and what they mean:

  • Anesthesiologist – specializing in the administration of anesthesia
  • Cardiologist- specializing in the treatment of heart disorders
  • Dermatologist – specializing in the treatment of skin disorders
  • Gastroenterologist – specializing in digestive disorders
  • Gerontologist – specializing in the care and treatment of the elderly
  • Gynecologist – specializing in disorders related to the female reproductive system
  • Neurologist - specializing in disorders related to the brain and nervous system
  • Obstetrician – specializing in pregnancy care and delivering babies
  • Oncologist – specializing in the treatment of cancer
  • Orthopedist - treats skeletal problems
  • Pathologist – specializing in tissue diseases
  • Pediatrician – specializing in children’s health care
  • Pulmonologist - specializing in the treatment of respiratory disorders
  • Surgeon - performs operations
  • Urologist - specializing in the treatment of urinary problems

After four years of undergraduate studied in chemistry and biology, prospective medical doctors then attend medical school for two years additional study in clinical and basic sciences. This is then followed by a year-long internship at a hospital. Doctors who wish to specialize must then complete an additional three year residency in their chosen field. The average salary for an allopathic physician is $100,000 - $275,000.

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