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Air Conditioned Storage

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If you are looking for air conditioned storage, these points below will help you to choose the right type of facility for your storage needs.

Air Conditioned vs. Climate Controlled Storage

Air conditioned storage is not always the same thing as climate controlled storage - always ask a potential storage facility what type of air conditioning service they supply:

  • An air conditioned only facility will keep temperatures in the unit below a certain temperature through air conditioning – these facilities do not supply heating or humidity control.
  • Climate controlled facilities will maintain the storage unit at the same temperature throughout the year – this type of storage option is best if you live in an area which is subject to extreme seasonal temperatures.
  • If you live in an area which has high humidity levels, ask the facility if they monitor the moisture level in the building along with their air conditioning service.

Temperatures for Air Conditioned Self Storage

The temperatures which an air conditioned storage facilities maintain are not always the same; some storage facilities will keep the temperature below 90 degrees Fahrenheit, others below 80 degrees Fahrenheit and some facilities will maintain temperatures between 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Air conditioned storage facilities which maintain higher temperatures in their units are often more affordable, but if you are storing delicate equipment or other types of items which can be harmed by higher temperatures you may need to choose a storage facility which maintains lower temperatures in their unit.

Storing Items in Air Conditioned Units

Always ask about what types of times can be stored in air conditioned storage units. Air conditioned storage businesses have limits on what can and cannot be stored in their facilities – even with cooler temperatures inside the units, most storage facilities do not allow hazardous or flammable materials in their air conditioned storage units; if you are interested in storing food items in an air conditioned storage unit, some air conditioned facilities will allow food but they must be in sealed containers – again, ask first to be sure the facility will meet your needs.

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